A La Carte Cleaning Services



We pride ourselves at being a full service green cleaning company for your home or office. But some cleaning projects take some extra time.  Rather than limiting our cleaning services, we much rather give our clients the options to have their home cleaned how they want.  That's why our Maid For You cleaning package is so popular.

As a Pay-Per-Hour Service, you won't experience complicated up-charges from Country Clean.

We have a generally good understanding on the amount of time it takes to clean a home and appliances and just add that time to your job for these A La Carte Cleaning services.

 But some jobs require extra TLC from our cleaning professionals and we want to make sure that we are scheduling them correctly. Contact us today for your free estimate for these particular services! 


  • clean and fold with specific instructions (we are not responsible for dry clean only garments)

Is what you are looking to get cleaned not listed here? Just give us a call and ask us! We can create a custom cleaning plan to suit your needs! 



In The Kitchen

  • Clean dishwasher interior
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Clean the oven (please run self-cleaning ovens the night before)
  • Clean cabinet surfaces

Dining, Living Areas and Bedrooms

  • clean upholstered furniture
  • polish wooden furniture

Around the House

  • wet wipe doors
  • Window Interior
  • clean walls
  • base boards cleaned