Our Story

Country Clean was founded in 2011 with the purpose of offering high quality cleaning services that are safe for our clients, our staff and the environment. We believe that green cleaning can be safe, effective and affordable!


We work hard to create a positive work environment for our staff-and it pays off! Happy staff makes for happy cleaning which makes for happy clients! By caring for our staff and paying them above minimum wage, we believe that we are being the type of business that people want to work for and hire. Which puts us in a great position when we need to hire staff. We hire people who are highly motivated that strongly benefit from their work with Country Clean. 

In August 2013, Jessica Loveland became sole owner of Country Clean. Only the highest quality products and cleaning materials are used. Staff receives regular in-services. We keep up with the latest green cleaning breakthroughs so that our products and cleaning methodologies are the best and safest on the market,

In 2014, Country Clean launched a new program, Cleaning for a Cause. The purpose is to support hand-selected non-profit organizations that are local and are having a meaningful and real impact. 

Jessica is a wife and mother of 3 children. She moved to Cecil County, MD from New Castle County, DE in 2011 and has strong ties to both areas. Jess is passionate about  serving others and the community and incorporates that into Country Clean in every way that she can. 

The Sunflower Logo

Sunflower Leaves Background.jpg

Country Clean's logo of the sunflower was very intentional. The sunflower is a truly amazing plant...one of the world's first green cleaners! 

Did you know that sunflowers clean the environment? It's true! Sunflowers absorb many toxins such as lead, zinc, arsenic and strontium-90. Their roots reach deep into the soil to pull out the heavy metals from the environment. In fact, they are so effective that after chemical disasters in the USA they have been planted to remove the contaminants from the environment!