Project 333 Update!

I wanted to update you all-I am totally in Love with my Project 333 closet! I donated 3 giant bags of clothing and shoes, and feel like I have a closet that I love to be in! It's amazing to feel like I can breathe again!

Less really is More! I am putting together nicer outfits now too and getting ready in the morning is a breeze. It helps my morning run much more smoothly.

For more details-or if you just want a laugh- check out our facebook videos here and here

Minimalism 2017 is in full swing. I've continued to evaluate the real "need" for items in our home and have become much less sentimental in finding reasons for things to stay. To be quite honest, I have yet to regret anything that we've donated or trashed--in fact I can hardly remember them!

Spring is around the corner and we we KNOW many of you need some extra help with Spring Cleaning! So give us a call or give a gift to someone you care about-302/727/2090 or