Country Clean your Food!

We love living a green lifestyle. Just making a few easy changes to lessen your exposure to toxins and pollutants can make your home a little healthier and more eco-friendly. 

One quick and easy trick is cleaning your food before you eat or cook with it. Produce, poultry or meat can be riddled with salmonella or e-coli. Both of which cause thousands of cases of food poisoning and is very dangerous to contact.  But, cleaning your grub with 2 green ingredients can help take that poison off and make your food safer for consumption! 

The secret ingredients?

Peroxide and Vinegar.


Plain ol' while vinegar or apple cidar vinegar will do the trick. And regular, household 3% strength peroxide works perfectly. Do not dilute either one. Spray them individually on your food to create a super oxygen which will take all of the yucky stuff right off. It doesn't matter which order you spray them, either! 

Special tips: Do not mix vinegar and peroxide in the same bottle. The chemical reaction needs to happen on the food surfaces. Also, keep your peroxide in its original bottle, just add a spray nozzle to the top that fits. Once light hits peroxide, it just turns into water and all of its' super powers go away. 


This technique was developed by Susan Somner, a food scientist at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. And the really great news is that this is extremely effective and completely safe. So safe, that it's even edible!

This powerful combination is also great for other germ-prone surfaces. Think: cutting boards, kitchen counters, even bathrooms.  So, enjoy some very environmentally friendly eating and cleaning with this heavy duty disinfectant!