Have a Holly Jolly GREEN Christmas!


We just love this time of year. 

Here's a few Eco-Friendly Ideas for your Christmas Season! 

Decorating tips:

-Consider getting a real Christmas Tree with a root on it. Trees are great for cleaning our air and the evergreens are beautiful all year round! You can replant it after the season is over. Artificial trees often look great but after a few years they get drabby and often get thrown out.

-Reuse your wrapping paper.  According to the Clean Air Council, an extra ton of waste is created between Thanskgiving and Christmas. That’s CRAZY! Choose recycled wrapping paper instead. Use the comic sections of the newspaper of brown paper bags. Get creative with it! It can really be beautiful and even pinterest-worthy wrapping.


-Grab some rechargeable batteries. My tech-y husband swears by eneloop batteries. They come pre-charged, have a very long shelf life and will work for 1500 charges. That’s a green buy for sure!

Gift Giving Tips:

-Buy Local! Shop your local small businesses and help out the little guy in your community. It will have a big impact in your immediate neighborhood’s economy. (Remember, your voice and what matters to you most is often heard most with where you spend your money!)  Also, small businesses tend to have a lower carbon foot print than the large retailers.

-Get good quality stuff. There are too many gifts given that are cheap plastic toys. Or pre-packaged gifts that are just empty boxes and Styrofoam.  All of it ultimately just ends up thrown in the trash. If you are going to give gifts, purchase something that will last and hold up through the years!

-Country Clean Gift Basket! We can cater our cleaning basket to your recipients needs! Want to give your gift certificate with a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine? We’ll take care of it. Want to package it with some candles and potpourri? We’ve got you covered. Just let us know your thoughts and we will hook you up in style! We will take excellent care of their house. Contact us today!