Set Great Goals for 2015!

Happy New Year! We love new beginnings at Country Clean. We want to make 2015 our best year yet! Here are some tips on goal setting that we wanted to share and thought would be helpful to you!

  1. Be Specific. Saying that you want to exercise more is great, but how often? What time of day will you do this? The more specific, the better.
  2. Create Short Term and Long Term goals. Weekly goals are helpful with achieving long term success. Break down your long term goal into short term goals. Small victories are big victories because they will build and accumulate to your long term success!
  3. Be Measurable. Instead of saying, "I will talk with my parents more often." Set your goal to be, "I will call my parents twice a week." 
  4. Be Realistic. Set goals that are truly achievable. An achievable goal is something that is able to be accomplished with focus and dedication. Achievable goals will ensure you have success. 
  5. Have a Plan. Think through your day and week with how you will actually accomplish this goal. Are you trying to become more organized? Make sure you set aside time every week to think through your days and schedule your time so that you actually are purposeful to achieve that goal. 
  6. Accountability is Key. Get a partner to help you. Tell someone about your goal. Make a promise to yourself that will keep yourself honest. Surround yourself with like minded people that are helpful and encouraging. 
  7. Be serious. Dreams are wonderful, but they are not goals. Now is your time! You can do this!
  8. Take some time to Re-Evaluate. After you have been focused on your measurable, specific, realistic goal, how is it going? Are there things that you could do differently to be more effective?

We hope that these tips are helpful! If one of your goals is to get your home in order, remember that we can help! Check out our free estimates here or give us a call at 302-729-2090. Make 2015 the Best Year Yet!