Fall in Love with Organization

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Have you heard about our incredible Valentine's Day packages? It's the perfect gift for the people you love. 

Something else that's great to love is organization. Staying organized just makes life easier. We've gleaned some tips from an internationally recognized organizational specialist, Peter Walsh. He's a personal fave of ours at Country Clean for his savvy, useful and inexpensive tips.

  • Tension rods can be your best friend. Use them under your sink and in other cabinets to hang cleaning bottles, rags, gloves, etc. on. 
  • Save the bread tags! They are perfect for re-using on  to keep wires and electrical cords wrapped up.
  • Don't recycle soda tabs. Use them for your closet! Here's how: Thread a soda tab over your hanger so that you can hang a separate garment from the same hanger. Instant double closet space.
  • Use an empty tissue box to store plastic bags. 
  • Peter Walsh really emphasizes that flat surfaces (think: tables, counter tops) are for preparation. NOT FOR STORAGE. 

Please note, that de-cluttering a space can take hours, even days and weeks. Getting overwhelmed is normal. But don't let this be an excuse (I'll do it later, it's too much now). Set the timer for 20 minutes, focus on one drawer at a time. If you do this every day, you'll have a place for everything and everything in it's place in no time! What a great time investment!