Back to School Tips & Special!

We at Country Clean love new beginnings, and Back to School Season is here as an opportunity for a fresh start! Get ready to start off your family's school year with the right foot forward with these helpful tips and Cleaning Promo Code!

1-For a Eco-Friendly back to school year, see what you can re-use from previous school years. You may not always need a new lunchbox or backpack, for example. But if you do, check out green friendly options. We are kinda in love with the ones that they sell here. 

2- Routine, Routine and Routine.  Kids have a ton of pressure on them and having a familiar routine can be reassuring among all of the new changes. Preparing for a new school day starts in the evening. Perhaps have bath time and lay out an outfit for the next day to wear to school. Pack a lunch the night before. For older kids, take their phone away at a designated time each night to ensure they get good rest. Morning time routines should be as peaceful and as routine as possible and should always include a nutritious breakfast. Try a delicious smoothie for an easy healthy breakfast on the go!  

3-Family Meeting. Schedules are so great for everything getting done and everyone meeting their responsibilities.  Meet weekly with your fam to sync up everyone's schedules and discuss the logistics of picking up/dropping off kids at activities, practices, etc. 

Routines and schedules are great for kids and adults. Country Clean can help take some of the pressure off by taking care of the cleaning for you, so you can Enjoy your Life more! We're having a Back to School Special, $10 off your first clean! Contact us here (use promo code BACKTOSCHOOL) or call 302-729-2090 for more info! We have immediate openings available!