Thanksgiving Pre-Family Cleaning Frensy - 5 Tips To Organize Before the Choas

Thanksgiving is just days away and you want everything to be near perfect! If you were crazy enough to want everyone at your house this year at this point you are beginning to have doubts probably and for a good reason. You have to get to kids finished with school, you have last minute projects at work, the laundry is piling up and you have a 20lb turkey to cook! Not to mention the house still needs to be cleaned for the entire family and extended family you convinced your husband was a great idea to invite this year. However, we have simplified cleaning for Thanksgiving and made a small 5 point list of the most important and high traffic, visible areas that will make cleaning for this holiday relaxing and simple!

Visible Surface


Visible surface is just that, the surfaces or spaces that are 'visible' to your guest from a glance.  You don’t have to clean under your furniture for Thanksgiving, but you should keep the tops of your home’s surfaces looking nice. Dust and clean your tables, counters, bookshelves, entertainment centers and other surfaces before tackling the hidden areas or don't even worry about the hidden areas depending on how much time you have.  Remember you do not have to give your home a full out deep clean, you just want it to look visibly appealing when your guest first arrive.  After that the smell of the delicious meal you have prepared will distract them from anything else you may have missed! 

High Traffic Areas

When you invite guests for dinner, they probably won’t check your son’s bedroom closet to see if his school clothes are neatly hung.  Wait, let me just say that most guest will not but this is family so you never know but, you are out of time and hopefully just the kids will play in the kids room and try not to let that one nosey in-law or whoever make you think you have to spend the whole time folding clothes! If anything throw them in the hamper and fold them later.   Guests are likely to enter your living room and sit at your dining room table. Begin your cleaning routine in the main areas of your home, including the bathrooms. If you have time left over, you can clean the bedrooms and offer guests the full tour, but if you don’t get around to it, then simply keep the bedroom doors closed on the big day.

Hallways and Stairs

As family members start to arrive, hallways and staircases tend to gather clutter.  Everyone will just drop their belongings from one room to the next. Take 10 minutes to around and pick up any debris in these areas and then sweep or vacuum them before company comes. If there are any side rooms or closets you don’t have time to clean, walk through your home just before guests arrive and make sure the doors are closed.


Always make sure that your bathrooms are fully prepped for visitors.  This includes setting out an a few extra rolls of toilet paper, and providing plenty of hand soap and fresh hand towels or paper towels so that everyone isn't using the same towel.  This time of year the cold and flu are spread so we do not like to be wasteful, however, we also do not want to spread germs with this many people.  Be sure to keep a wastebasket in the bathroom as well.   Close your shower curtain to hide all those bath toys inside, and keep your medicine cabinet closed neatly.


Thanksgiving guests are always going to gather in the kitchen, and help you prepare the meal.  It will be helpful at times and even crazier at times.  They will want to help with setting the table and want to go through everything to get to your dishes and silverware.  Wipe down your counters and appliances and give the floors a good mopping, then make sure you have an empty dishwasher on Thanksgiving Day so you can quickly and easily put dirty dishes out of sight as soon as they appear. Take a minute to hose down your trash can if you have time, and use a scented garbage bag so the trash won’t add any unwelcome odors to the day’s festivities.