5 Tips to Tackle the Family Room Clutter

The Family Room is the heart of a home. It serves many purposes so it is so important to have it as organized as possible. Here are tips that will help!

1-Baskets are your friend. Baskets make all of the nik naks, toys, books and small items stay organized while keeping your family room in order.  They can help you sort out "like" items with other "like" items. They also keep clutter to a minimum because you can just pull out the basket that you need!  Small baskets can be great for small books, candles and DVD's. Large baskets can be great on the floor for larger toys. 

Pro-Tip: Invest in good quality baskets. The weave can break down with cheaper ones. 

2- Go Vertical. Shelving can help keep everything organized and can even be a fantastic feature. Here are some tips to keep your shelves looking great. Organize books by color. Try stacking them horizontally and vertically. Style book shelves with items that add a personal touch.-perhaps framed family photos, a small bouquet, a few special tea cups, etc. Symmetry is key to making shelving look great and not cluttered. 

3- Break the Family Room down into functional zones. Think about the many purposes the family room serves. A play zone, a game zone, a reading zone, a movie watching area and maybe even a office/family business filing drawer is needed all in one space. This can all be accomplished by keeping out the clutter and using lots of organization. Use the baskets and book shelves to keep items organized. 

4- Keep flat surfaces clean. Coffee tables and end tables will look so much better by having them cleaned off. It will make your family room look cleaners and more welcoming. Have the family pledge to keep papers and magazines filed away in the proper spot to keep the clutter from piling up.

5-Be flexible. See what is working and what isn't. Make changes accordingly. Maybe your kids haven't played with the legos in a couple of weeks. Swap them out for another toy or just take them out in general.