Back To School - 4 Helpful Tips How To Make It A Success

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Just the thought of summer ending can be stressful to some parents and children. The long, fun filled summer beach days, and campfire nights that have brought so many memories to your family these past few months are ending and a new, more routine and scheduled chapter is now about to begin! Here is some advice for family bonding and organizational techniques that will be sure to make this year Back to School a smooth transition and huge success for everyone!

Getting Organized With Apps

Trust me I am all about giving my kids one on one attention (and I promise I will finish with a more personal family tip), however, in today's technologically advanced world this has many fabulous feature I promise you and your child will both LOVE! Whether your child likes shopping, studying or sports there is an app. Here are a few to help organize your family before school starts and help have fun along the way. If you are into sports then you know they have already started long before school starts. A great app to keep track of your child's schedule and is user-friendly enough for your older children to keep track of their own schedule is,  If you are looking for the best back to school deals on clothes check this out, This app allows you to scan barcodes and compares dozens of prices in seconds to get the best deals and you get points just for walking into some stores and scanning barcodes to compare prices! I LOVE that kind of money and time savings! The last app we are crazy about is the most important! It is a learning app. This is wonderful for older children. There are so many apps out there for younger toddlers and kindergarten aged children but this one is perfect for your growing child and you can start now and use this app for years to come. It is a flashcard focused app,, and it can be an amazing learning tool when utilized!

Create a Gallery Wall At Home

A fun way to help your child and your family become more and more excited for the upcoming school year, and also organize those piles upon piles of newfound artwork, projects, and graded work is to create your own gallery wall! This can be any space in your home that you can set aside. That way you can rotate your child's special projects while maintaining a clutter free environment.  Decorations and materials can be as simple or detailed as you want, depending on the age or personality of your little ones! You can decorate old picture frames or use clothes pins and string. Just hang the string with tacks and put clothes pins on the string and you have a clothes line of gallery artwork! Next try to color and paint the empty picture frames and glue the clothes pins to the top of the picture frame and hang the art projects from the clothes pins inside the picture frames! The possibilities are endless and unique to your family. Getting this started is a great bonding family experience and making it your own is something your kids will love to do with you and it will be even more rewarding to see their work in the gallery each time they come home! We would love to see pictures of your art gallery ideas!

Responsibilities and Rewards Chart  

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You may already have a responsibilities chart or something similar in place and if you are like us it may have been on hold or a bit more relaxed during the summer months. However, with school starting and the days becoming shorter and filled with school, hockey practice, homework, and finishing last minute projects there seems to be less and less time concentrated on the rewards chart and more time with you hurrying in the kitchen to make and clean everyone's dinner before they scatter off to the next event! We recommend getting back into a routine now before school is back and suggest sitting down with the kids and making a list of chores with them on what they feel they can do during the week. At the end of the week see what they have accomplished and how much allowance or rewards they feel they deserve for these accomplishments. Involving children in the process of deciding their rewards will motivate them to put in the work!

Attention Span and First Day Jitters

All summer long we have been on the go and from one pool party to the next and now we expect our children to sit in a classroom and listen quietly and behave as if they have nothing to say! As if summer has never happened! A nice way to transition is the old school method of reading aloud to your children or having them read aloud to you! No matter what new device has just be invented or how technologically savoy your young lad is, they always love to be read to! Well, up until a certain age that is of course, and even if it is from a kindle or an IPad, it is still a story being read. Take time out in the evening before bed or 5 minutes while the water is boiling, or get up a few minutes early and cuddle and read a story early in the morning if you have an early riser. Then the next day ask follow up questions about the previous days story and see if you child can relate the story in any way to their own lives. This little practice done daily can help aid your child's attention span after an action packed summer!

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First day of school jitters can be keep your kids up all night! Try this small trick. Buy glitter confetti or regular confetti from your local dollar store and sprinkle it under your child's pillow the night before their big day! Tell them this will help them sleep more soundly and tackle their first big day!