Get Motivated to Clean!

Sometimes just finding the motivation to do life is hardest part. Here are some tips that will get you pumped up to get the grime gone!

  • Invite company over. Put the procrastination to an end because there is no putting it off anymore! The more serious the company, the higher your standards will be! So invite Mom over if you want a sparkling clean job! Hint: Make sure to order food or prep the day before. You'll be so busy cleaning your kitchen you won't have time to cook too! 
  • Set a timer. This is a perfect solution for the big overwhelming jobs.
  • Drink some coffee. Sometimes, legal addictive stimulants is exactly what you need to get some serious housework done!
  • Make it fun! Play some music, dance and clean. You will be so much less likely to put off what you enjoy doing!
  • Make it competitive. Do you and your partner want to tackle some housework? Divide it up and see who can get it done! Optional winning categories may include (but are not limited to) Fastest Clean, Best Quality Clean. 
  • Get into a great Routine at Home. For example, never go to bed with a dirty kitchen.  The more routines and systems that you have in place, the more "self-cleaning" your home will be. For Example, instead of dropping worn clothes on the floor, hang them on hooks behind your bedroom door. It helps keep surfaces clean. 
  • Call in reinforcements. Country Clean is here to help. In which case, All you have to do is snuggle up in your cozy clothes and give us a call! We have fantastic rates, licensed, insured and have wonderful staff. Call us or Click here for a Free, No Obligation Estimate!