Have an Organized Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is like the Super Bowl of hosting. Food, Decorations, Clean House, Guests, Entertaining, food, and did we say, Food? ..it all kind of can come together in this magical moment of togetherness and happiness. 

But more often than not, feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed by pulling off Hosting Thanksgiving can take over.  I mean, come on. It is just so SO much to think through! So, we thought it would be helpful to put together some really helpful Tips to Have an Organized Thanksgiving. 

  • Get a Game Plan together. Plan your Food, and then plan your time frame backwards. I like doing things in 15 minute increments. If you want to serve dinner at 5:00, then when does everything need to be out of the oven and off the stove and onto their serving plates to be ready to go at 5? Pull out all of your recipes and make sure that everything that needs to be baked. Don't forget that the turkey needs time to rest and time to carve too! Also make sure to think through Drinks and Desserts. Pumpkin Pie, anyone? 
  • While you are thinking through your menu, This is a great time to DELEGATE things to guests. And also, if oven and stove top space is at a premium, then think outside of the box! Grilling vegetables can free up space in the kitchen and also add a fun creative flare! 
  • Make food ahead of time. My mom would always make mashed potatoes a day ahead of time and then warm them in the oven in a couple of casserole dishes so that way both ends of the table could have easy access. 
  • Set your Table the Night before. This is a time where you can really let your Martha Stewart shine! Centerpieces, candles, fancy plates and chafing dishes. Pull it all out! All that China that you got from your Bridal Shower and have never used! This is what it's for! Make sure that everything is clean and lay it out on the table. It will help to think through the details of where things go. If you have a server in your Dining Room, then make use of that too. Put little post it notes to label what food goes in each serving dish. Also, if this isn't your thing, that's totally OK too. Simple and minimalistic is wonderful too. 
  • Come up with the Ultimate Shopping List. Make sure to get everything you need for food--but also, don't forget to inventory linens, utensils and serving spoons, etc. Do you have enough table space and chairs for everyone expected? Also, this is a great time to think through the morning of Thanksgiving too. Grabbing some bagels or fresh fruit for people to eat in the morning will be helpful to keep people out of the kitchen and keep it easier on you! And don't forget to have some to-go containers. You will most likely have leftovers. In fact, so many people LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers (Turkey Sandwiches, anyone?) so make sure to have something for guests to take them home in.
  • Remember to take some time to focus and reflect on what this Holiday is about. Being Thankful, Family, etc. Taking some time as a group to think about that is key. 
  • And of course, don't forget to take time to clean your house before people come. If you need help, give us a call! Post Thanksgiving Hosting Clean up help can be a great gift to give your host too!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!