Minimalize your 2017


So if you are anything like me you are feeling very thankful for all of the gifts given this holiday season, but also a little overwhelmed with all of the stuff! I am thrilled that my daughters got 5 new puzzles for Christmas, but I can't help but think "oh man, that's 350 pieces of stuff to keep track of!" 

I am in desperate need of Minimalism in 2017.

And I am learning that going through your home and asking yourself key questions is an ongoing process. I've employed some Marie Kondo methods before--and, believe me, there were lots of things that did not give me joy--so they were tossed or donated. But, when you have a growing family, it absolutely has to be an ongoing process. 

So, with trepidation typing this.... I have declared 2017 to be a year where Minimalism is embraced for my family! And I am going for broke! Join me in January implementing Project 333- a complete closet revolution where you only have 33 items (including accessories and shoes) for a 3 month season. This is QUITE a challenge for me. I do not have many clothes that I love but I have a LOT of clothes that are just OK. 

Throughout this process, I am promising myself to be completely IRRATIONAL. Sounds crazy, right? But trusting your instincts when it comes to whether something stays or goes is the best method. There are too many rational reasons to hold onto things-example: It could be valuable, It could be useful, I could give it to my 3rd cousin twice removed. After years of justifying keeping the things, I now know this is not a good strategy.

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Happy New Year Everyone!