The Gift Of Time For Mother's Day. And It's FREE!

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“TIME is the greatest gift you can give someone!  Because when you give your time, you are giving a piece of your life you will never get back.” Country Clean

The quote above seems to describe a mother perfectly. She gives up so much of her life as soon as she finds out she is growing a new life inside of her without thinking for second about herself. She freely gives up every piece of her life, of her time to be a MOM! To be someone she has no idea how to be and do something she has no idea how to do, yet she will take on this task and all the other challenges and heartbreaks it brings because she knows, that’s what a mother does. 

Think about REALLY giving mom the day off

In this Modern American culture so many women are working and raising children. According to the 2014 statistics from the Department of Labor, 70% of mothers with kids under the age of 18 are part of the work force! That is a lot of women taking on the full time job of motherhood and managing a career at the same time.  Even if your mom is not a women that works outside of the home, you still should compensate her! You owe your mom for years of headaches when dealing with you was her ‘only’ job.

Get out of the house with the kids

Please do not say, and do what? There are so many things that you can do in May with your children. Take them for a nature walk at Fair Hill Nature Center, or a nice hike up to the Turkey Point Light House.  You could perhaps get the old toothbrushes out and wash the car for her! Run them all around the park perhaps and completely tire them out so they may even want to relax when they get home or take a nap! Make sure you have run them so much that they want to crawl home. This will be for your benefit.

Get mom out of the house

Set her up with her favorite book at a coffee shop, or tell her to go buy that dress at the mall she has had in her online shopping cart forever! Tell her to INDULGE! It is HER DAY! Treat herself to it and get out for a quiet walk or whatever she wants for a bit! Visit a girlfriend, have a glass of wine at the Turkey Point Vineyard and North East Chocolate Winetasting! Whatever she needs to have fun. And for you, you will give the house a good cleaning while she is gone! She needs time and what women mean by this is more time to spend doing what they WANT and less time doing the cleaning! You can start with the high dusting, left to right around the home. Then low dusting the baseboards in the same way. Start with her most problem areas in the home since you may not have much time. May be the kitchen is always dirty and the dishes are constantly piling up. Maybe she has a hard time cleaning out the refrigerator often. Take everything out of the refrigerator and wipe everything down piece by piece and while it is empty spray the it with all-natural all-purpose cleaner and give it a good wipe down.  Do those little things for her this day and make them sparkle! Load the dishwasher and unload it and put things back how she likes them. Wipe all counter tops and move things on them and wipe behind them as well. Clean the bathrooms and the mirrors of all toothpaste and fingerprints.  Next vacuum the whole house carpet and hardwood. Finally give the hardwood and ceramic a good old fashion cleaning, preferably on your hands and knees!

If you do not have time for this please call Country Clean and order a personalized gift certificate for your wife! She will LOVE this EVEN MORE!

At no point this weekend let her know you are tired, not feeling well, have allergies or might be getting a cold

Please keep all ailments to yourself for the entire day and preferable the next day as well! Also, please do not say how hard it was taking the kids out and standing in line by yourself, or changing the baby on a park bench or doing ANYTHING!  Chances are we have DONE IT and we have done it in a worse circumstance and told you about it and you have blown us off! Please keep those remarks to yourself today.


After having the kids all day clean her vehicle of all the mess they’ve made

The mystery of leaky sippy cups, mashed cereal bars and shredded books have now been debunked. Vow to stop questioning the condition of your woman’s car, and consider helping her clean it regularly as a gesture of retroactive understanding. Wipe the dash board down with an all natural, all purpose cleaner and microfiber rag. Wipe all doors with the same cleaner and rag paying special attention to the back seat child area. Wipe the seats quickly as well. Then do they same with the inside glass. Give the car a quick vacuum.  This doesn’t have to be a long job, however, 10 minutes will get the car in shape and make her feels great!  Refill her diaper bag or purse with snacks and wipes if she needs them for the kids for tomorrow! Replenish depleted supplies instead of getting cursed tomorrow for leaving her without wipes. Remember how convenient it was to have the spare pants/tissues /17 diapers? Marvel at her ability to anticipate the needs of your children.

Make a list of 5 or more things that make her a remarkable woman and mother.

Be really specific and do this with her children. She will probably tape it inside a cabinet somewhere and look at it all year, so make it good. Do the same thing next year, and she will have tons of sweet things to look at! Finally, just spend some great quality time in your clean home together as a beautiful family! Because that is what moms truly want, time!


All of the above must be planned ahead of time. Do not think of asking her on Sunday morning, “What would you like to do today?” If you do this, YOU HAVE FAILED THIS MISSION. There is a list of ways to repent for such failures, but that is a different, lengthy post. It also gets expensive. So consider yourself warned!  Happy Mother’s Day!