Back to School Blues?

Back to School season is such an exciting time! The upcoming year is filled with hope and promise of all that kids will learn and how much they will grow.

But let's be honest. Back to School season is stressful. Ok-really honest--incredibly s t r e s s f u l! Getting kids to wake up, get dressed, pack lunches, do homework, make the bus, pay attention, participate in sports, etc. It can feel impossible to get the whole family back into a routine!

Here are some tips to make it as simple as possible and take the stress out of Back to School:

-Schedule, schedule, schedule! Get everyone linked up on the same App or centrally-located calendar in your home. You can color coordinate it.

-Prepare the night before. Pack lunches, layout outfits, pack the baby bag, do homework. Even prepping your coffeemaker and setting it on a timer, or prepping a smoothie and storing it in the fridge overnight will make your morning go that much easier.

-Have a weekly logistics meeting. Use this time to make sure that parents have coordinated rides for the kids to and from places, review any big projects coming up at school, etc. This time could also be used to review budgets, discuss children's well-being and parenting issues, and to plan for the future. This is one of our faves for setting up life for success!

-Have a Back-Up Plan. Take the stress out of the unexpected. If someone gets sick, what will your back up plan be? Keep emergency numbers at hand.

-Outsource. We all need a little help sometimes! Getting support you need is important to success. Outsource things that will take the stress off of you! Calling Country Clean for a Free No Obligation Estimate would be a great way to get started--we can take care of all of your cleaning needs!

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