Keep a Clean Home Super Bowl Sunday - 3 Simple Plays

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We are now fully emerged in Super Bowl Sunday!  While this may mean absolutely nothing for some of you, however for many Americans alike this has become a big tradition to gather friends and family together at your home this one special Sunday of the year.  There will be lots of finger foods involved and more then likely a mess by the end of the night with people in and out all the snacks that will have been dropped by everyone and dishes in the sink.   We have come up with 3 easy ways to keep the house clean and fresh around the party!

1. Make your own Time Out Pail

Source your favorite supplies in a small bucket or caddy, add some microfiber cleaning cloths.  Next time there is a time out, or holding penalty (which is all the time) or you have fifteen minutes before those unexpected friends decided to show up, grab your Time Out Pail and clean the worst offender.  Someone’s dropping by in an hour?  No need to panic, grab your kit (everything’s where you need it) and do a little incomplete pass quick clean. Here are a few simple items to keep in your pail:

All-purpose spray cleaner
(Make sure this is certified GREEN or organic)

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Dusting mitten

Window/mirror cleaning cloth

2. Clean while you cook

Sometimes, if you are in a similar marriage or relationship to mine, there is one organized cook and one that cooks like the Tasmanian devil. I will refrain from saying which is which.  This is what we are trying to avoid this super bowl Sunday! Since football and food go hand in hand it is important to keep cleaning as we go to keep your kitchen area always sparkling. Usually clutter and debris accumulate when cooking many dishes and not cleaning while cooking.  It is good to be well organized from the beginning and multi-tasking is key! First, have at hand all the necessary ingredients. This way you aren't digging around with your dirty hands through your cabinets for anything last minute.  Before starting, measure your needed amount of ingredients.  Reuse your bowls if you can! Even if you have to wash one, quickly wash it and then reuse it!  Wash your dishware and cookware as you are finished with them! This will prevent buildup of dirty dishes around you and clutter! Or place them in the dishwasher. Now you have open counter tops and you can quickly spray them down and give them a quick wipe and your empty sink a quick spray and wipe.  Everything is sparkly clean like before you started! 

3. Vacuum Halftime Show

Nothing compliments finger foods and all those bite size hors d'oeuvres and chips better than the crumbs that they have been making the whole time while everyone has been chatting away and cheering on their teams.  A great thing to do at halftime while your family is refilling their drinks or taking a bathroom break, is to grab the vacuum or even better a small hand held vacuum cleaner and make some of those amazing looking tracks in your carpet or get the crumbs up off your hardwood.  This will leave a nice fresh look for after halftime and will take less than 5 minutes and then back to the game!  It feels great to have a nice clean kitchen and a fresh vacuumed floor and this was basically effortless! Hopefully your team gets the 'W' as well! I know what you are thinking, my favorite part of the super bowl is halftime and the commercials! Well, do it during a really terrible commercial or right after the halftime show while they are talking about the show! Trust me it is five minutes well spent and feels great! If you keep up with these easy tasks your house will be clean and flawless this football season!