Deep Cleaning

 Ready for spring cleaning? Expecting visitors? Our deep clean packages consist of the most thorough cleaning that a home can possibly have. This is a great cleaning package to start out with beginning cleaning service, before the holidays, or expecting company. This package is perfect for people moving in and out of a home or staging a home to sell.  We will get your home sparkling clean!  Pricing per square foot.


Deep Cleaning may include the traditional cleaning items and well as the deep cleaning items listed below.  Please note that the Deep Clean is customized in advance to fit your green cleaning needs. Deep cleaning tasks may or may not include the following. Our staff will review everything we can provide prior to time of your service.  

Please let us know upon our initial discussion which Deep Cleaning Tasks you are interested in specifically.

Deep Cleaning Tasks

  • Wash windows inside 
  • Empty, wipe and replace items inside the cabinets and/or hutchs
  • Remove shoes, etc. from closets, vacuum and replace
  • Clean inside oven (please run self-cleaning ovens the night before) 



Deep Cleaning Tasks

  • Polish furniture
  • Edge carpets
  • Polish kitchen cabinets
  • Polish bathroom cabinets
  • Wet wipe baseboards, wood trim and banisters
  • Wet wipe window sills
  • Clean inside the refrigerator