Country Clean is more than a cleaning company.

We're a cleaning company with a mission!


Country Clean is founded on a guiding principle of serving others.  Essentially, our staff serves the community and by hiring Country Clean, our clients serve our staff. But it is so much more than that.  We are helping women in the community who need work get to the next level in their lives. We are helping them by providing a safe work environment, consistent income, and great education. If their career isn't going to end with professional cleaning, then that's ok, we will help support them through the education process. We are passionate about our clients and employees. Our bottom line is secondary. And because of that...

There are a lot of good things happening in Country Clean.

We really do have an awesome work environment for our staff. Our staff loves working with Country Clean because of the great support and professional education that they get through the Country Clean community. We work hard to make Country Clean a desirable place to be employed. We truly believe that having a positive attitude is essential to success in life. And we work hard to foster that into our work culture!  Because of the positive things happening at Country Clean, we are in a position where we can give even more to the community. That's why we launched:

Cleaning for a Cause

To have an even more substantial impact in the community. 

And our clients are a huge part of making this mission come together.  

Our clients want to help serve the community, and they know their investment into Country Clean is an investment in their community. We very much appreciate their support in our philosophy and partnership with making our community a better clean house at a time!