Letting someone into your personal home or place of business can be an unsettling event. We fully recognize this and do not take this privilege lightly.

We want you to feel completely comfortable with hiring Country Clean.

Here are the highlights of our hiring process and training to give you some peace of mind about the high-quality cleaning professional that will be taking care of you.

  • Candidates complete a Pre-Screening Application. If the candidate has a good work history and shows having a heart to serve others with community service, then we proceed with our full application and scheduling an in-person interview
  • During the In-Person interview we access their interpersonal skills, professionalism, cleaning proficiency and just get to know them.  We really want to get a good "feel" for someone. As a small business, our reputation means quite a bit. We want to make sure that our staff embodies professionalism and kindness and can deliver a high quality service.  We won't hire anyone that we are uncomfortable with being in our own personal home alone. 

  • The next step is a Background Check. We make sure that our staff has a clean background. No exceptions.
  • Orientation-we meet one on one with a New Hire to review our detailed policies and procedures for proper client interaction, locking up and securing homes properly, cleaning procedures and more.
  • Training. Our cleaning training is quite extensive. Our cleaners review special Cleaning Training DVD's and then practice the cleaning procedure. We review our customized green cleaning kit and how to use all of the equipment and products.
  • Training with a Master Cleaner. Our new hire will go on real jobs with our Master Cleaner to ensure that they are following proper cleaning procedure, familiar with their cleaning kit and procedure.