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We value our clients. 

We believe that transparency is important. Our clients trust us to provide a thorough green cleaning experience in their homes and businesses and we want them to know that we appreciate that! 

Simply put, it's your home. You should know how it's being cleaned.

So here's our list of trusted cleaning tools and some information about our cleaning products with a green friendly guarantee. That's just how we do things.  

Microfiber Towels


Our microfiber towels are incredibly efficient at getting dust and dirt off of surfaces thanks to a creative process of splitting each individual fiber. Microfiber towels are green-cleaning rock stars because not only are they created to trap dust and dirt, but they also are reusable and helps us eliminate landfill waste! They also leave no lint and can absorb much more liquid which reduces the need for cleaning solution.

Hepa Filtered Vacuums

The hepa filtration system is an extremely effective vacuum at cleaning floors and also helps filter the air from dust, allergens and other pesky microbes. They reduce air toxins and are the highest rated vacuum on the market for cleaning carpeting.  Moreover, there is no waste created with vacuum bags since the system can be easily cleaned and reused. 

Cleaning Supplies


We pride ourselves in being highly effective in cleaning while using only green friendly cleaning products. Our cleaning supplies are a mixture of custom, hand made cleaning products created with all natural ingredients and other cleaning products that are rated highly by the Environmental Working Group. The Environmental Working Group is an American non-profit environmental organization that specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of toxic chemicals. To have a high rating from them means that the cleaning product is effective while having a minimal  impact on the environment, which is a beautiful thing. 

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We stay abreast of the latest innovations in cleaning technology and breakthroughs in green cleaning products so that we always deliver the best green cleaning experience possible.