All of our employees are vigorously trained in cleaning a home or office from top to bottom. 

This training is completed through vigorous professional cleaning videos and one on one training with a master cleaner. 

But we don't stop there.

Country Clean has a professional Code of Conduct that we orient all of our cleaning professionals towards. It is part of our Country Clean DNA. It's important to us so we think that it's important to share you. While on duty, cleaning professionals shall:

  • Be professional. That means that we maintain our client's confidentiality with respect and discretion. Uniforms are always worn, hair is neatly styled and smoke is never on their hair, clothes or hands. If clients are present, conversations are kept polite and courteous. 
  • Focus on cleaning your home only. Not taking personal calls or breaks. Just getting your home sparkling clean.
  • Use only Country Clean's green-friendly supplies and products. That way you can ensure that your home is safe for your family and pets.  
  • Use only their professional cleaning tools. We have perfected our cleaning systems and don't want our clients to have to worry about having cleaning supplies.   Country Clean staff will take care of that. 
  • All of our cleaning professionals are subject to random drug screenings and surprise visits from management